Free email & SMS reminder app

Stay on top of the important things in life with free e-mail reminders & simple SMS and voice reminders from Simply Remind Me.

Never forget an important event again.

Simply Remind Me does exactly what its name suggests: it sends you email reminders, SMS reminders (text message reminders) or voice reminders for the important events in life, so you never miss a beat.

Free e-mail reminders

E-mail reminders are sent at no cost to you using a premium e-mail delivery service from our partner, Postmark.

Send reminders from our e-mail reminder app to yourself, a work colleague or directly to a customer.

Simple SMS reminders

SMS reminders are simple to configure on our mobile-friendly, web-based SMS reminder app and start from just 6.9p.

Our SMS gateway partner, ClickSend, delivers your SMS reminders over their global delivery network.

Voice call reminders

Receive a phone call at a specified time with our innovative voice call reminders.

Our communication partner, ClickSend, delivers a phone call from our reminder app to you using a dedicated phone number.

Simply Simple Pricing

Simply Remind Me is free for e-mail reminders. SMS and voice reminders are sent using credits, which you purchase in packs.

All accounts


  • Free e-mail reminders
  • Send reminders to the nearest 5 minute interval
  • Repeat reminders daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
  • Public event pages with countdown
  • Calendar view of events and reminders
  • Send reminders to yourself, colleagues or customers
Credit Packs

/ credit

  • Same features as free accounts
  • No recurring monthly fee: top-up as and when needed
  • Credits used for SMS reminders and voice reminders
  • Prices as low as 6.9p per credit

Set your reminders up in minutes.
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