Waggybytes Technology is a trading name of Andy Heathershaw.


Centralised device monitoring and management for Linux servers and workstations.

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Manage your Linux devices remotely with ease

NodeBeagle allows you to monitor key statistics, run commands and install or update packages on your Linux servers and workstations from a centralised, cloud-based management console.

Monitor your resources

NodeBeagle records your device's configuration and status at 1-minute intervals and keeps it for 365 days. Easily report on your device's usage and configuration changes over time.

Finger on the pulse

The dashboard shows the last time each of your devices checked in, with a traffic light indicator showing the devices you should be concerned about.

Command remotely

Run a command and see the results for a single device, all devices or a selection of your devices with a single click. No more “shushing” (SSH’ing) into several machines.

It's easy to stay updated

Install package updates with a single click across some or all of your devices. Package installations and updates can be scheduled to run out-of-hours.

Manage on the move

The NodeBeagle console is completely usable on whatever device you have to hand - smartphone, tablet or a plain-old computer.

Great for containers

Device discovery allows you to install the agent and register a device with a single command on the command-line, making NodeBeagle a great fit for containerised and automated build environments.

Supported Operating Systems

We recommend and support these operating systems, but NodeBeagle’s agent should run on any Linux distribution that uses kernel 2.6.23 or later. Package management requires Apt, Yum or DNF.

RHEL 7, 8


Fedora 31, 32

See Resource Usage in Real-time

See Resource Usage in Real-time

NodeBeagle’s light-weight agent captures real-time, on-board statistics about your Linux servers’ or workstations’ CPU, memory and disk usage.

The web-based console graphs these statistics so you can monitor both current usage and historical trends wherever you are, for any of your devices.