This is Waggybytes.

Waggybytes Technology is the tech brand of UK software developer and technology enthusiast, Andy Heathershaw.

I work with some of the brightest minds and amazing technology to bring you great software.

Software as it should be.

I use my guiding principles to build great software. These tell me that software should be:


Software should look great and be fully functional no matter what device it is used on. Cloud-based software allows you to access it from any device, anywhere.


Software should protect your data and keep it safe. Your data is stored on secure hardware backed by strong security practices and managed by established, reputable companies.


It shouldn’t cost you the earth to embrace “the cloud” and move to cloud-based software. Waggybytes software is affordably priced with no time lock-in.

Waggybytes Software

Waggybytes’ cloud-based software applications are available from any device with an internet connection. Sign-up instantly and put them to work for you today.

Great minds. Great technology.

I couldn’t do what I do without these companies, their technology and (most importantly) the people behind them.

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