We love technology.

We use the latest tech to write modern software applications for the cloud.

We are Waggybytes.

We work with some of the brightest minds and amazing technology to bring you great software.

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Our Software

Blue Twilight

Open-source PHP photo gallery to show your photos on your own photo gallery website.


Centralised Linux device management for the modern data-centre. Monitor resource usage, software installations and patches from a central, cloud console.

Software as it should be.

We use our guiding principles to build our software. These tell us that software should be:


Software should look great no matter what device it is used on. Cloud-based software allows you to access it from any device, anywhere.


Software should protect your data and keep it safe. We only store your data on secure hardware and implement strong security practices.


It shouldn't cost you the earth to embrace "the cloud" and move to cloud-based software. Our software is affordably priced with no time lock-in.

Great minds. Great technology.

We couldn't do what we do without these companies, their technologies and the people behind them.

Fasthosts logo

Fasthosts provide the server infrastructure that stores our data and runs the applications and websites we create. Their CloudNX virtual server platform runs on enterprise-scale technology so we know it can handle the most demanding of our applications

All of our servers are based in their UK data centre in Gloucester, which runs on 100% renewable energy and is ISO 27001 certified.

ClouDNS logo

Every great website or application starts with a domain name, be it an original .com or a snazzy .technology. For your users to connect to your website or app quickly, you need great DNS.

The DNS for all our domain names runs on ClouDNS’s global anycast network. Served from 29 data centres across the world, ClouDNS’ platform handles billions of DNS queries each day. It’s fast, it’s reliable and it’s protected against DDoS attacks.

Amazon Web Services logo
Amazon Web Services

To get our websites and applications in front of our users quicker, we use Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) global content delivery network - CloudFront.

CloudFront retrieves and caches the assets (style sheets, scripts and images) used by our applications in 225 data-centres. No matter where you are in the world, CloudFront can get you the files quickly from a data-centre nearest to you.

Stripe logo

Businesses of all shapes and sizes across the globe use Stripe to process payments, and we are no exception.

Stripe’s global payments infrastructure links us to major banks worldwide to accept payments from, or on behalf of, our customers.

Stripe’s global scale means we benefit from a cost-effective payment gateway and don’t have to pass expensive processing fees onto our customers.

Fastmail logo

Our inbound, day-to-day e-mail services run on Fastmail.

Fastmail is a privacy-focused alternative to Gmail and Outlook that also manages our diary, notes and important files.

Like our help site, it is a cloud-hosted service so even if our data centre happens to be off-grid, we can still communicate with our customers, and they can with us.