Manage your Linux devices remotely with ease.

NodeBeagle monitors key metrics, schedules commands and installs or updates packages on any number of your Linux servers and workstations from a centralised, cloud-based management console.

Resource Monitoring

Analyse CPU, memory, disk and network usage over time.

NodeBeagle records key metrics at 1 minute intervals.

Server Monitoring

Keep tabs on your devices.

NodeBeagle alerts you when a device drops off-line and stops checking in.


Define conditions to receive alerts, like low disk space, high memory usage.

NodeBeagle also notifies you of pending package updates.

Software Updates

Update your distribution’s packages for all your devices with a single click.

Schedule package updates and installations out of hours and receive the results by email.

Remote Commands

Execute a command to run on all your devices simultaneously with a click.

Schedule commands to run out of hours and receive the results by email.

Mobile Friendly

Manage and monitor your devices from anywhere, on any device.

From your office, walking the dog or lay on the beach – you choose!

Monitor resource usage in real-time

NodeBeagle’s light-weight agent captures real-time, on-board statistics about your Linux servers’ or workstations’ CPU, memory, disk and network usage.

The central, web-based console graphs these statistics so you can monitor both current usage and historical trends for any of your Linux devices.

Deploy software updates centrally

No more shushing (SSH’ing) into every device individually to install or upgrade packages. Squash zero-day bugs in their tracks without impacting the working day by scheduling package upgrades in NodeBeagle.

New packages are installed, upgraded, and uninstalled from a single device, all your devices or a selection of your devices in the NodeBeagle console. You can schedule changes to happen immediately, or at any point-in-time in the future.

Supported Operating Systems

NodeBeagle requires a small agent running on each managed device. The agent runs on any Linux with a kernel version >= 2.6.23.

Advanced features like package management require (and we only support) the operating systems shown here.

The latest supported operating systems are always available on this knowledge base article.