About Waggybytes Technology

Waggybytes Technology is the commercial entity behind software applications developed by UK-based software developer, Andy Heathershaw.

Waggybytes operates as a sole proprietorship in the United Kingdom, offering online cloud-based software and services to users and businesses around the world.

Andy believes great software should meet the following criteria, and all Waggybytes applications are developed to meet these guiding principles:

  • Responsive
    Software should look great no matter what device it is used on. Cloud-based software allows you to access it from any device, anywhere.
  • Secure
    Software should protect your data and keep it safe. We only store your data on secure hardware and implement strong security practices.
  • Affordable
    It shouldn’t cost you the earth to embrace “the cloud” and move to cloud-based software. Our software is affordably priced with no time lock-in.