Free push reminders to your web browser

Send reminders directly to your web browser even when you’re not in the Simply Remind Me app.

Get your reminders where you are.

If you spend a lot of time in your web browser, why not get your notifications there, too?

Simply Remind Me’s push notifications send reminders directly to your web browser, even if you’re not in the app.

Supported in major web browsers

Simply Remind Me’s push notification reminders are supported in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Free push notification reminders

Just like our free email reminders, push notifications are free to use for all accounts.

You can set up specific push reminders, or send a push notification for any other email reminder, text reminder or phone call reminder.

Send push notifications to multiple web browsers

Set up push reminders in any web browser you use regularly.

Simply Remind Me will notify all web browsers you register to minimise the chance you miss a reminder.

No wi-fi? No problem

If you’re offline or your web browser isn’t running when Simply Remind Me sends a notification, it will be delivered the next time you are available.

Push notifications are valid for 72 hours and will be delivered the next time your web browser connects to the Internet.

What is a push notification?

A push notification is a message sent from a website directly to your web browser. It appears on your desktop like any other notification – you don’t even need to be on the website to receive notifications from it!

Simply Remind Me can send your reminders as push notifications, which appear as non-intrusive popups on your desktop.

Why use our push notification reminders?

Simply Remind Me’s push notification reminders are perfect to remind yourself of things you can do in your web browser: buying birthday cards online, booking your online grocery shop or sending your boss that glorious Friday status update.


Push notifications can be sent automatically at the same time as any other email reminder, text reminder or phone call reminder.

Minimal configuration. No fuss. Simples.


Setup specific push reminders alongside your other reminders.

Push reminders can then be delivered when they are more relevant – such as when you’re at work.


Push notifications are there if you need them, but won’t get in your way.

Respond to them now, or come back to them later… the choice is yours.

Set up your push notification reminders in minutes.
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