Free email reminders for everyone.

Remind your clients of their appointments, or remind yourself of birthdays and anniversaries with our free online email reminder app.

Speedy email reminders

Our partnership with ActiveCampaign Postmark means email reminders hit yours (or your customers’) inbox in less than 10 seconds on average.

We aim for perfectly timed reminders, every time.

Remind me again

Received your email reminder on time, but not quite ready for it?

Quickly set up a new reminder at a more convenient time directly from the reminder email.

Mark as complete

Received your email reminder and completed the task it was reminding you about?

Quickly mark it as completed in Simply Remind Me directly from the reminder email.

Send email reminders to anyone

Each email reminder in Simply Remind Me can have its own destination.

Perfect to send your customers email appointment reminders, or your family members “happy birthday” messages.

What is an email reminder app?

An online email reminder app sends a reminder email to any email address, anywhere, at a specified date and time. 

You access the online reminder app from any device with a web browser, add things you (or your customers) want to be reminded about, and it will send the email reminders at the right time.

Why use our free email reminder app?

Simply Remind Me is perfect to remind customers of future appointments, remind yourself of anniversaries or birthdays, or to book in your pet Labrador for their annual check-up at the vets.

Easy to use

We try to keep our free email reminder app as simple as possible.

Most users never need to contact us, but if you do, we’re here to help.


Email reminders can be sent to any email address at any provider, not just your own.

Setup reminders for any minute of the day to arrive right on time.


Setup recurring email reminders to send daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reminders.

Perfect for appointments or renewals!

Set up your free email reminders in minutes.
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