Simply Remind Me is a free service. We don’t charge any monthly or subscription fees. Instead, it is supported by users purchasing credits for SMS (text message) reminders.

SMS reminders start from just 6.9p per credit. Usually 1 SMS reminder costs 1 credit, however due to the nature of SMS messages, longer messages and some international messages (to non-UK numbers) may cost more.

SMS Credit Purchase Prices

Topping up your SMS account with credits is simple and quick – payment is by a credit or debit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, using our payment gateway, Stripe. Credits are applied instantly in most cases.

Pack NamePack SizeCostPrice per credit
Starter10 credits£1.0010p
Regular25 credits£2.359.4p
Power50 credits£4.509p
Super100 credits£8.008p
Ultimate250 credits£17.256.9p