SMS reminders made simple.

Remind your clients of their appointments, or remind yourself of birthdays and anniversaries with our simple online SMS reminder app.

Worldwide SMS reminders

Simply Remind Me sends SMS reminders using our gateway partner, ClickSend.

ClickSend delivers our SMS reminders to any country in the world.

Send SMS reminders to any number

Each SMS reminder in Simply Remind Me can have its own destination.

Perfect to send your customers SMS appointment reminders, or your family members "happy birthday" messages.

Simply simple pricing

Buy credits to send SMS reminders using your credit or debit card directly within the Simply Remind Me online SMS reminder app. 

Credits start from just 6.9p (£0.069) per credit, and they never expire.

Free low credit warning

Configure a low credit warning in the Simply Remind Me SMS reminder app and we'll send you an email when your balance falls below your threshold.

Top-up your balance straight from the email alert and we'll apply your new credits instantly.

What is an SMS reminder app?

An online SMS reminder app sends a reminder text message to a mobile phone number at a specified date and time. 

You access the online reminder app from any device with a web browser, add things you (or your customers) want to be reminded about, and it will send the SMS reminders at the right time.

Mock-up of an iPhone with an SMS reminder sent by Simply Remind Me

Why use our online SMS reminder app?

Simply Remind Me is perfect to remind customers of appointments, remind yourself of birthdays or family engagements, or to book in your car's annual MOT.

Easy to use

We try to keep it as simple as possible. Most users never need to contact us, but if you do, we're here to help.


SMS reminders can be sent to any number worldwide, not just your own.

Setup reminders at 5-minute intervals to arrive right on time.


Setup recurring SMS reminders to send daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reminders.

Perfect for appointments or renewals!

Set up your SMS reminders in minutes.
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