NodeBeagle – a centralised service that monitors and manages Linux devices – is in its infancy. It was launched to paying customers in March 2021.

We understand that new software will have glitches (developers are humans, after all) and we still have a lot of documentation to write. Since early 2020, the only users of NodeBeagle have been us!

Until we are 100% confident in our software, documentation, supporting systems (such as the help desk), policies and procedures, we are running an Early Adopter Program – also known as a Beta phase.

To thank customers for using the service in its early days and bearing with us if anything untoward should befall us, we are offering early adopters a lifetime 20% discount on all services.

You don’t need to do anything. NodeBeagle will automatically apply the discount to everyone who signs up for a new subscription whilst the program is running. Our payment partner, Stripe, will apply the 20% discount to each one of your invoices – forever*.

* if you close your account and later re-open it, or cancel your subscription and start another one, you may not be eligible for the discount if the Early Adopter Program has ended.